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What is

This site was created to help people maximize the capabilities of World of Warcraft characters. By using formulas theorycrafted through immense research and testing, all game items are ranked against each other dynamically dependent on current character stats and damage rotations. is ever evolving with the game as new information and patches are released.

Development Team

Right now, the development team consists of just one person, me! I develop the site in my spare time trying to juggle the time commitments of a full time job,, other private endeavors, and raiding of course!

History was first launched in the fall of 2006 with very basic formulas ranking items for fury warriors, protection warriors and destruction warlocks. The expansion hit soon after and development halted for a few months. However, in the fall of 2007 development continued at a rapid pace and within a couple of months was back with full damage/spell rotation formulas for fury warriors and affliction warlocks - fully updated for the expansion pack. Within 3 months, 10 other class specs were added, leaving hunters and druids as the only classes not being represented... for now :)


You can contact me at However, I get a ton of feedback and suggestions daily, so I can not guarantee I will be able to get back to everyone!