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The New and Improved

I have been modeling class abilities, rotations, talents, and DPS here at for more than 5 years (since Vanilla WoW). This modeling offered dynamic gear lists to players and was one of the only sites with that type of resource available to players so early on. This was at a time when character mechanics and abilities were extremely simple. A model was extremely accurate for determining DPS given player stats because all a Warlock would do is keep up 3 DOTs and spam shadow bolt, all frost mage would do it spam frostbolt, etc...

Along the way Blizzard changed abillity rotations and made them ability priorities. As these priorities grew in complexity, often times modeling was extremely hard to do, and sometimes it just couldn't do the job properly. As such, simulation tools have now become the most trusted way to determine stat values and gear rankings.

Due to this evolution in game mechanics I've switched the site over to start using the most trusted simulation tool available: SimulationCraft. All rankings now use stat values determined from running this tool with the most up to date versions and priorities. Many items still require modeling (many trinkets and Deathwing weapon procs for example) and these are now modeled or use SimulationCraft pre-set models.

One other immediate benefit is that I am now able to offer gear rankings for ALL classes and specs! (and very soon, Monk rankings!)

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or feedback. I think you'll see that this site will now be more useful than ever.