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Unholy Death Knight DPS Gear Rankings

Item Options
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
LFR Norm Heroic Mythic
Throne of Thunder (5.2)
LFR Normal Heroic
Tier 14 (5.0)
Mogu'shan / Heart of Fear / Terrace of Spring
LFR Normal Heroic
5 Man Dungeons Heroic 5 Man
Justice Points Valor Points
PVP Reward
Older Expansions
Cataclysm Wrath
Older Expansions
Alliance Horde
Gem Options
Always Match Sockets
Uncommon Gems Rare Gems
Item Upgrade Levels
All Levels Lowest Level Highest Level
Required Level
Useful to find gear while leveling:
Your Stats
Base Stats
Attack Power:
Haste: %
Crit Chance: %
Stat Weights
Weapon Attributes
Weapon Speed
Weapon DPS
Haste Rating
Critical Rating
Mastery Rating
Attack Power
Stat weights determined from SimulationCraft version 520-1
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